• Introducing BNG, a business referral program for our chamber members!

    BNG's are category-exclusive business referral groups that develop business contacts and share leads with the members of their group. Each group will have 12 or more members, and only one person from any profession or business specialty will be eligible to join. Not only will referral group members be potential customers for each other, but they will be encouraged to find referrals for other members of their BNG. An emphasis will be placed on finding business referrals from outside of the Chamber membership, creating an expanded network of business contacts for each of its members. Each member will commit their intent to attend referral group meetings on a regular basis and to seek out referrals for their fellow members on an ongoing basis.

    This is a benefit of your chamber membership package! Many referral programs charge from $300-$600 annually to belong to a referral chapter! BNG will not cost SACC members a dollar outside of membership to the chamber. Referral groups will meet for one hour, twice per month on the same day and time and at the same location.

    If you are interested in learning more or becoming a BNG member, attached is the membership application or you can contact the Chamber office at 248.557.6661 or info@southfieldchamber.com

  • Bright & Early BNG Bright & Early BNG

    Chair: Kelly Johnson
    Meets: 2nd and 4th Wednesday 8:00 AM
    Place: Henry Ford Optimeyes

    CURRENT MEMBERS of Bright & Early BNG

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    Chair: Evelyn Summerville
    Meets: 2nd and 4th Thursday 12-1 PM
    Place: Spring Arbor University


    Becoming a Member of these Industry Exclusive Groups:


    The Original BNG The Original BNG

    Chair: Sheila Byrd
    Meets: 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 12-1 PM
    Place: University of Phoenix


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  • Scheduled Activities:
    BNG Mixer
    BNG Training