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By the Numbers

Chamber Membership

The tiered-dues approach provides members with benefits based on their chosen investment level. Our new dues structure allows us to better support the companies that support our entire membership while preserving the benefits that everyone in our network enjoys.

Your Investment

The Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce has seven membership levels to choose from. We encourage you to review the new membership levels and maximize your membership benefits Thank you for supporting our purpose to create connection that drive and strengthen business.

The Legend

A Legend membership ensures your Chamber investment works to reinforce
your company’s position as a leader in the business community.

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Your engagement as a Landmark member demonstrates that you are an anchor in the business community.

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Your membership as a Partner promotes your company as a business leader, committed to the prosperity of the community that you serve.

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As an Executive, you are a visible expert to your business community.

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As an Investor, you enhance your position in the business community.

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As a Strategist, you can take advantage of the Chamber’s many resources and strategic connections.

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As a Connector you emerge as a developing leader.

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